Value binding option missing

Hello Community,

I am using Text box Input control in UiPath apps, the value binding option is missing.
I have verified some solution in one query they suggested to use the expression editor, I didn’t found it.
Suggest me the process steps for it. If there is any expression to write let me know.

Thank you for your valuable time!!

Hi @mkankatala ,
Have you checked this


I already check the above thread, after that only I posted a query regarding this. @Nguyen_Van_Luong1 . Provide me another solution If you have.

Hi Guys @Anil_G @Yoichi @ppr @supermanPunch @Palaniyappan

I have strucked here on passing the arguments into the UiPath apps, I cannot find the Value binding option. If there is any other approach, then give me a suggestion.


That weird… can you rechek on the same


For me there is no value binding option for me @Anil_G

as we do see different screenshots it would be helpfully when version / edition details are shared

Hi @mkankatala ,

A Quick check on this, when selected the Legacy version or Expression, we do get the same properties as mentioned by @Anil_G and when selected the VB version we do not have the Value binding option or is a different property (not so clear or did not find the same).

Expression Language - Legacy :

Expression Language - VB :

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I am getting the second one, Yeah I have used VB. For this is there anyway to use value binding in this. @supermanPunch

@mkankatala ,

Value Binding has been removed from the latest release of VB Apps; it is no longer available. Therefore, you should utilize the App variable to transmit and retain data instead.


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Could you provide process steps how to do it. @Arvind_Kumar1

@mkankatala ,

you can use data set rules and set to App Variable…


Check this

Hope this helps


Hey Arvind, I’m trying to setup a form before someone can access a website. Users will only be allowed if they have the correct secret code. I can’t seem to build the If Else function right and suspect it has something to do with app variables. Could you help advise me on what I should do?

Now I have the If Else rule in the “Next” button.

Thank you so much!

@KF001 ,

Yes looks ok , what’s problem after?

Hello @Arvind_Kumar1 ,

The problem is if I put in the correct secret code, it still doesn’t work.

Thanks alot for picking this up.

@KF001 ,

What’s the type of app variable? Do you have value into app variable or not?

@Arvind_Kumar1 ,

Yes, I’ve created the app variable for secret code. Not sure how to tie this variable.

Are you setting up any value into this variable?

Hey Arvind, I changed to use legacy expression language and now the value binding field popped up! All good, managed to input the variable in there and it works. Thanks again!

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