UiPath Apps, Event not triggering, tricky one?

Hello Community! Here, Luis Fernando, I Hope you´ll doing great.

As maybe some may know that I have been exploring the UiPath App Tool lately, I have been trying to develop a simple app to test its potential.
Yesterday I was working on a feature where Im able to filter a Table based on two Parameters, the First parameter decides the column, and the second decides the Value of the column being searched.
I´ve made a video where I explain why I´m having trouble accomplishing this; hopefully, someone in the community can see what I can’t. You can find the video below.
It´s related to Value Binding and Event triggering.

Please share any feedback. I need to know if it’s a logical error or a Bug.

Thank you very much for your attention.

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For getting the value ideally you can use dropdown.selectedvalue fields


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@Luis_Fernando ,

Are you trying to filter based on column and value dynamically?


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Hello @Arvind_Kumar1
Yes, In fact, I`ve already solved to the solution with Anil response.

Yet I find the problem with the Value Binding really weird, maybe someone for support can give me some clarity.

Thank you @Anil_G !
Your feedback worked for me.

Still I find really weird the fact that the Value Binding is not letting the Event run.

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