What Activity I can Use?

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I am trying getting file list in a specific ftp directory I tried using uipath ftp activities but I did not find one that do it.

I looked for alternatives on internet and I found and example in vb.net so I decided to translate to uipath using activities.

However, there is a line ftp.SetWorkingDirectory("/images") that I don’t know what activity I need to use because I use assign activity but It shows a message indicate that the expression does not produce a value.

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Hi @Lucky0906,

Actually UiPath provides a package which contains FTP related activities.

Please take a look at it in the Package Manager (CTRL + P to open it)

If those activities doesn’t fulfill your requirements, could you please give us some details of what you are trying to do specifically?

Once you have it installed, you will be able to see the activities below:

Can you show me and example to download file ftp?

I have tried downloading my file but the activity does not do anything

It is a ftp server or just a server. You can not use? http request?

It is a ftp server


Can anyone suggest me or share the code to enumerate files from FTP or what datatype should be selected for the output (Files) for the activity- Enumerate objects. It is not taking datatable as datatype.

It suggests to select System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<UiPath.FTP.FtpObjectInfo>. How to iterate to get file names.

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Can anyone please reply.

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Loop the collection with “For each”.
Define the TypeArgument as “UiPath.FTP.Objectinfo” in For Each activity.

You can then get filenames with “item.Name” within the loop


Yes its working… Thanks 4 ur help…:slight_smile: