Using UIPATH Forms to display data


As we all know that UIPATH forms can be used to input data as well as output data from it.
But is there any way by which we can save that filled template for any particular user in any file format.

For example:
We created the form to take input as Name and Profession
Now I want to save the exact form for that user in the project folder in spite of getting any particular data field, I need the complete from details for that user separately.

Please let me know if we have this feature, and how can we use it.


@Kajal_Singhal Do you want to Save the Form Details that a user has Entered to a Form and be able to view the details entered? Like Outside the UiPath Execution and not While executing the Forms in UiPath?

If so, and if you just want the Form filled Details to be shown, then Before Submitting the Field you would need to Perform a Take Screenshot operation and save that screenshot as an Image file.
In this way you would get to see the Details that were filled by the user.

If you don’t think this is of much help, please explain a bit more :sweat_smile:


Just like we have the hard copy of forms, having title and value side by side
I need the same format of data.
Separate form for each user.