Using the same excel in a parallel for each process

i am currently working on a document understanding automation. Therefor i am extracting data with parralel for each. All the data should be saved in the same excel.

How can i acchieve this?


In my opinion we cannot use same excel for parllel for each. This is the activity we used for independent activity to loop through the sane time.

But anyway we have work around like we can split the Excel into two mini Excel files and we can use these two excel to parllel for each. Once the parllel for each finished we can write the data in to two datatables and after that we can merge and make it final excel file. Please think about this logic and share your thoughts. Thanks.

Hi, thanks for your reply.
I thought about the same. I am splitting the data in the parallel for each in different excel and in the end i am merging them into one excel


Your welcome. Good to hear that we are on same page.