How to Convert the Parallel Activity to Parallel For Each Activity?

Hi there, I have a problem in using a Parallel For Each Activity with Excel document. I have been thinking about how to solve this project, but nothing works.

For sample of my project, I made the simple one for trying:
Google Drive Link

To run this project you must have mozila with extention :

  • Firefox Multi-Account Containers
  • Open external links in a container

Thanks in advance!


Can you share your problem in details?


In this case, I want to make a parallel search for several topics based on my excel file with Google Images. But the condition is that it must be on a different browser tab (I used Mozilla Firefox and those extensions).

I created the project with Parallel Activity and it works, but I think it isn’t appropriate because this project should be created on looping activity.

So, do you know how to convert this project to “For Each Parallel Activity” version? As I know “For Each Parallel Activity” can repeat parallel activities in different content and I also didn’t found an index for “For Each Parallel Activity”. So I am confused about making parallel activity with the content based on my excel file.


How about the following?

First set Enumerable.Range(2,3) at Values property of ParallelForEach.
This means item will be 2,3 or 4 as value in each loop.

Then, the following expression will work in each loop.

"ext+container:name=" + Excel.Sheet("Sheet1").Cell("B"+item.ToString) + "&url=" +Excel.Sheet("Sheet1").Cell("C"+item.ToString)



Thanks for your advance. I have implemented your suggestion and it worked. But, when I add 7 to 20 other data into my excel file, the automation sometimes doesn’t work.

When I analyze it, the cause is an error when opening the browser to a tab, as shown below:

The error is not just because the appearance of the tab. Even all browser windows open has been successfully, the error still appears.

Following is the error message:

I tried to change the browser and the link open method. So the sequence becomes :
Sample with for each parralel.xaml (17.6 KB)

The error message changes to:

Do you know how to solve it?
I just want to make the faster automation with “For Each Parallel Activity”. Or do you know another method that might work?


As Parallel or ParallelForEach is pseudo parallel, it might not be very good performance even if parallel degree is increased. How about fixing parallel degree.
For example, if you need to try 20 cases, run 4 parallel degree x 5 times.


How if I put a delay on each parallel activity, is it possible?