Using Studio Community version, seems to alter my program with every new updates from UI Path

Hi Community,

I just want to see if my findings are correct. I’m using a free version - Studio Community Version and have been running my program pretty smoothly until recent updates, which cause my program to not be able to select a dropdownlist.

I have been running this program with no changes for a year, until Dec, where I can see that after there was an update, my program halted.

So does that means Community version will keep having this kind of updates and changes to the program, which disrupt users who used it?

Does this happens also on the enterprise version?

Please advise.

Hi there @joshtechsolutions7,
I hope you are well!

For Community, updates are automatically Flagged when available, as noted here:

However, a prompt should appear, providing the option to apply the update.

For Enterprise, updates can be applied manually or via policies:

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks in advance,

Hi Mr Davely,

I can see that whether enterprise or Community, the newest update will update UIPath itself.

Does it means that we can’t refuse to download the updates even though we have a UIPath community license?

I want to refuse newer updates, as it seems like the newer versions are causing my UIPath automation to breakdown.

Anyone, have any idea?

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