Every time studio getting updated

yesterday i updated my studio and i reopened it after proper update,after my work i closed it and now i just opened it again to work on that it started to update again and eat all of my data,why this is happening?


If you are using uipath community studio it will automatically update to latest versions.

We don’t have any options to disable the auto updation. But if you want you can go with enterprise trail version it won’t update automatically. Thanks.

i have already updated then why again its on update?


After your recent update again it is updating means check the sub versions of the studio it might update the sub versions.

Can you please let us know what version are you running now? You can find it in the Help section of Studio.

We released a new update mechanism during h2 of 2021 and if you have not been using Studio for a while you might have been updated twice to get the latest updates. In the future you will get only one update a few months (based on preview/stable channel)

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