Installing older version of studio without automatic updates


I am wondering am i able to install the community edition of an older version (2019.4) of UiPath studio without the version automatically updating?


We can install buddy
Did that work for you
Cheers @fflattery

Would you be able to send me the URL to where i can download ?


Currently what version of UIPath studio are using ?

Go to this site and download and install it but we can’t download older version of Community Edition. If you already you have the file then you can install it.

And also if you don’t want to update it to latest version then use Stable one. And same you will find in Help section.


I am using 2019.6.0. I would like to use 2019.4.3

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Hi buddy
we wont be able to get the older version now being in 2019.6.0

but still if you are trying to enterprise edition we can contact the technical support

Cheers @fflattery

Hi, thanks for the response.

Unfortunately we are only looking for the community edition.


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Fine buddy
unless we have only the 2019.4. installation exe file with us we wont be able to get it buddy
Cheers @fflattery

Unfortunately, UiPath Studio CE will always try to update to the latest version. The only way to stop it is to block the software from accessing all network ports, but even then, basic functions that require UiPath Orchestrator or UiPath Assistant will break.

The only other option is to upgrade from UiPath Studio Community to Enterprise. Enterprise will allow you to stop automatic updates from happening. It will also allow you to download older versions of the tool.

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