Why UiPath is bringing Updates Frequently?

Hello everyone!
I am UiPath community version in my client PC.

UiPath is bringing frequent update, does it hampers my previous process ?
let say new updates does indirectly effects my old process that are already in production with community version ?

I had a process that was running smoothly, but when i updated UiPath that process was not able to find the ui element that was running smoothly in production mode.

How can i resolve this ?
I think depending on these automation tools may hamper the process and also the developer fame.

What should i do now ?
Client is thinking that I am not a good developer.


Ideally community version is not for production…

And on enterprise you can control the version updates and it is advised to check the bot after you upgrade to newer version


What should I do after checking bot ?

All I need to do is to run unattended bot that can be possible with community version also. Therefore for some months, I am using community version to run unattended bot.

Does updates hampers old process ?


Basically community version is a preview version first…so it can have any bugs…and will be fixed only in enterprise releases…

So its better run the bot after every update and check if anything breaks…thats the only thing that you can do

Also try not to use latest versions of pckages use the stable versions


can i specifically download stable version ?


Community Edition is used for educational purpose and to give some hands on to the developers while learning. It’s not recommended to use the Community edition for actually Client deployments. You will not get any support for Community Edition users from UiPath

Also, this will be problem as well for your Client, as the Community Edition using for Production will also have some legal issue to your client

I suggest you to talk with your Client and get shifted to Enterprise License, to have a smooth run of your Automations

Hope this may help you


I don’t need any support from UiPath.
All I want to know is : If everything is running fine while developing process, how can process is not working in production. All element are properly found and clicked while developing process but same process is not working in production as element are not found.

What may be the reason ?


Did you run in unattended mode?

Generally few clicks might not happen we have to take care during testing…

Studio version we cannot control…we can use stable packages from the manage pckages though…

Community studio upgrades by default and is not for creating process for your production…

Whenever you develop a bot you have to do unattended runs as well to check if everything is going good.

Also your selectors might be little different in prod and dev applications sometimes it is good to check them…we cannot confirm the exact reason what happened or why it happened without details


yes, it is in unattended mode.
All click were perfectly working during testing.

but same click is not working in production at 2nd run.
At 1st run in production everything was working fine but at 2nd day which was 2nd run, Process could not find same click.
which problem is this ? UiPath or mine ?


We cant decide like that…would suggest checking the screenshots and see if required screens are pressent…then in the error it would give you the closes match as well check if the closest match is similar then may be there are selector changes…

Try using some delays there might be network deays as well…increase the timeout and check

First thing is verify the screenshot properly to see if right screen is present


Hi @prabin_chand1 ,

Maybe this can be handled by using the Auto Update Policy that is present in the Cloud :

We cannot really say this :sweat_smile:, It is UiPath’s Software and eventually we would have to depend on UiPath support if any of the suggestions here does not work. Similarly in terms of using the software as well, we would have to abide by the legal terms. Check the below post as well on using Commmunity in Production Environment.

We will However be able to provide help on the automation level.

Could you let us know if you are still able to test the process and does it work while testing using the Studio ? Are you testing directly in Production or Dev Environment ?

What are the different changes observed during the 2nd run ?

Again if you test it in Production does it work fine first time and next times does it give the errors? Also, Providing Log Details/Error Message also would help us to come to a conclusion.

Can anyone say? updating UiPath will hamper old process or not ?
or have any direct or indirect connection between them ?


Any new update might have changes to activities or aome options might change…

So the bots are not necessarily effected…but there are chances that they might be effected

For example windows legacy is getting phased out…so that might be an effect when you upgrade…latest packages use different kind of activities sometimes that might be an effect…

Options available under each activity generally might not change frequently but with 2023.x upgrades we have many new activities and changes to thw options available

And also there is a compatibility between studio and orchestrator and we have to follow those…please chexk below for best practices for upgrades as well



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The answers provided before were already quite detailed, so I will just add a small remark.

On a quick look, it looks like your issue is mainly about selector not being robust enough.

Alternatively, in case your unattended machine is a different environment than your development one, then it could be that the other environment is not identical and causes the selectors to be different (simple example would be a situation where you would use English names in your selectors on the development machine but the ones on your unattended machine are in a different language).

Development and production environment is same