Using Simulate Type in Command Prompt

Hi all,

I have previously used the “simulate type” and “simulate click” options in uipath “type into / click” activity, to fill up forms on a web browser for instance. So far it always works.

My problem here is that the above does now work on command prompt. Basically the process i am trying to achieve is a simple one. Launch cmd > enter some commands in cmd with “Simulate Type/Click” option checked > press enter. However, nothing is being typed out on the cmd.

Nometheless, If i uncheck the simulate options,then it will work.

Any ideas on any workarounds for this issue?

Thanks in advance!



Why don’t you use “open application” activity rather than your sequences ?


Why don’t you use a Type Into the CMD?

Do you start the app before?

Also, you can create a batch file and use “START PROCESS” to execute it.

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