Require solution to continue from step where Exception occured


I have process with 15 sequential steps or tasks. Where the transaction got failed in step 12. By using orchestrator, I dont find the way to store the progress permanently.

All i want is to continue from the step which causes exception and not from the start.

Is there any better way to store progress of a transaction? Pls Suggest?

Surrounding every activity in the workflow will continue the process even it is failed in the first step @Rajesh_Manikandan

Have a look to the set Transaction Progress Activity that may could help in case of having Orchestrator in place

  • Set the Progress after each sucessfull step/task to the transaction item
  • Use try catch to handle issues
  • Let continue the processsing on the step following to the last sucessfully passed step, retrievable from Progess of the transaction item


To solve this you need to build your own functionality in the flow like this:

The flow should determine based on a variable from which step to start the process - this is a simple switch

Now where to store the variable value - In the Queue Item in the ItemInformation

At first the item will have 1 as step value. If you encounter any error you should set the item status to Fail and insert a new item in the queue with the same characteristics but with the corresponding step you want to execute and priority HIGH to be the next on the list.

You will lose the item tracking due to duplication but you solve the step problem. pay attention on the Queue settings to allow duplications and not to perform retry.

Happy development
Cristian Z

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