Can we retry a transaction from a checkpoint (based on transaction progress)?



Is there a way for me to retry a transaction in the Orchestrator from the point where it failed, by using the transaction progress as a checkpoint?

I already searched for answers to this on the forum and found similar questions here - How to recover a Process using Tags, or Status? and here - Disallow retry of transaction, but none with a satisfying answer.


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While create queues we need to set Max # of retries
please find the attachment for the same

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@Naveen.Ch, but this retries the entire transaction. How do we retry only a part of it?


it will retry when if the item has status failed



If my item has step 1 -> step 2 -> step 3, and it fails at step 2, I don’t want it to retry from step 1 again. Is that possible?


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That is the case i am also not aware
@ovi is there any way to do @loginerror


Hi! Currently you can only retry the whole transaction. This is because, based on the Max. #of retries you set in the Queue, a Failed item will be retried. From what i understand @rpa_4_lyf you want to set some sort of status along the Transaction item’s steps and then have a condition like this_if Failed at step 2 -> retry from here_

Will move it to Ideas category so product team can also give their input. Could you please give a use case? Like in what situation will you have a transaction with multiple steps?



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Isn’t this what the “Progress” field is supposed to achieve?


I think what the OP said is that once the Status of the Transaction is Set on the Orchestrator, the Process will disappear from the Item, so In case you would like to to retry (meaning Retry with the Queue feature), you will not be access this “progress” then.

Unless you made a quick hit that I missed, I think the issue is still outstanding.



Okay, so it looks like the is partially corrected (at least in 2019.1)
Did not find the relevant Release yet, but this may be somewhere.

Once an item is Set Transaction Status “Failed” and hasn’t reached the retry count, it will set the Status to Retried and add a New TransactionItem with the Status New, having the Process value available.

However, once this New Item will be picked and its Status Set (tested only with Failed, after maxRetry), there will be no trace of the Progress in both initial transactions (With Status retried) and the failed one.

This fine in terms of of accessing it from the Bot but still a bit fuzzy if we would like to look at understanding what happened to our case from the Orchestrator UI afterward.