Using Selectors to find objects on the screen


I am creating an automation that requires selecting some parameters within the web app SAP Concur. I am attaching a screenshot of what I am trying to select below.

I tried:

  1. Using a “type into” activity to select the year (2019).
  2. Using a “type into” activity to select anywhere on the page and pressing pgdn.
    The image above is zoomed out but really this Oracle screen has a scrolldown bar I am using pgdn to overcome.
  3. Using a “click” activity to select Finish at the bottom of the screen.

My selector for activity #1 is:

My selector for activity #2 is

My selector for activity #3 is:

The selector for activity #1 works but 2 and 3 do not work. How can I get them to work?


We’re not able to see the selectors. Could you please update.

I have actually figured out how to resolve my issue. I needed to use the wildcard function in the titles of each activity (*).

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