How to use selectors from sub screens of the main application

Hi Experts,

We are currently automating an SAP process.
While trying to use selectors for the pop-up screen (in SAP terms I would like to enter the transport request ID to save the changes performed) but clicking any field from the pop up screen system throws an error message as
“The indicated element does not belong to the target application / browser”

All the activities are placed inside Application activity as this is a pre-requisite for SAP related activities.

Kindly assist on how to perform a click/use selectors from sub screen of the main screen in specific for SAP application.

Below is the screenshot where I would like to enter the text


Hi @kritk ,

Most Probably you would have to use another Use Browser/Application Activity and Indicate on the 2nd Prompt Window and then use Activities inside that Activity for Indicating elements on that Sub Window.

Hello @kritk ,

This is happening as the Popup is not in the current application scope of your main application.

What you can do is use activity “Application/Browser” activity and indicate that particular popup. Inside that you can do the other actions.

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