Using Same folder between workflows


I have to workflows in my Main.xaml, in the first workflow I want to use a created folder “DataFolder_Out” Type ILocalResource from the first workflow in the second.

I created an argument in the 1st WF datafolder_out and in the 2nd WF I created another argument datafolder_in type String because I can’t use type ILocalResource as it’s saying it’s not defined…

In the Main.Xaml I invoked both workflows

Datafolder is type ILocalSource

I’m getting the following error, I know there’s something defined wrong but don’t know how to solve it.

Hey @MHarakeh

Is the data folder just a file path ?


Hope yku are trying to create a folder at some particular path. Then instead of declaring the argument as ILocalResource , you can declare as string.

Else if requirement is something different, please explain.


The Datafolder_out is created in the output of Create Folder Activity, and when I change it’s type to string it throws an error “It disallows implicit conversion from string to ILocalSource”