Workflow unable to start execution on different computer

Hi - I have a current workflow that states the files should be retrieved from a folder called “a_SourceFiles”. This file is located in my Downloads folder.



It is working fine for me, but when I sent my workflow to my friend to open from his computer, the execution failed to start because could not find object. I made him name a file “a_SourceFiles” in the Downloads like I did and sent him the same PDF file to locate.

What could be the problem?

Can you specify the exact error?

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Attached is my workbook. It works for me on my computer, but when I sent it to my friend it does not work on their computer. It does not want to execute from the beginning.
Draft.xaml (11.9 KB)

Any help please?

Hello @amenoufy
Did you shared only this xaml file? Instead of that can you send the entire project folder to your friend to verify.

I think there is an issue with the filepath which he may have configured.

Else tell him to runt he process in debug mode and to identify in which activity it is failing and to get the values which is retrieving from variable “item”

Hi Rahul,

Sorry for the ignorant question but I need to double check: What could be the problem with the filepath? If you open the xaml file, there are only 3 files specified:

a_ResourceFiles - the system should get the PDF files from there and read OCR
c-Resources - the system should match the number taken from PDF and match with the excel in the folder
b-RenamedFiles - the system will copy the files with the new names in this folder.

Those 3 folders are saved in the same filepath as the xaml file: "This PC "-> “Downloads”.

I instructed my friend to save the folders in the same folder "This PC "-> “Downloads”. like I have in my PC and make sure the xaml file I sent is saved in the same folder as well.

Should I alter something in the following line in the assign function, or the problem may be in another function after that. I am surprised that it does not even execute from the start with him:



@amenoufy Your folders are there inside the project folder and your friend’s folders are there in the downloads. So better to share the full folder and tell him to check the workflow.

What you can do is just add a write line activity and check the values Environment.CurrentDirectory+“a_SourceFiles”

Last question Rahul (and thank you for everything) - How to share the whole folder? When I save it only appears to me the xaml file which I also save in the Downloads

@amenoufy How about doing this. Instead of using your local downloads folder, you can use create the folders within your project folder and use those. So that if you share the code with other person that can easily run it without modifying any code

Hi Ushu - Do you mean like what I did below:I created a folder Downloads called “Rename Files” and within it is the xaml file, and the other 3 folders. Will that work or you mean something different?

@amenoufy Yes, it should work

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