How to use Reframework for project

In my project I am want create multiple workflows and those needs to be invoked.
1st workflow read outlook email and save the excel attachment
2nd workflow read the excel file which is recently downloaded in 1st workflow.z
3rd workflow upload that read row/data from 2nd workflow to orchestrator queue
4th workflow get transaction item which is uploaded in 3rd workflow
5th use that items from 4th workflow to 5th

I have the logic with me and my project is working in sequence but problem is with reframework while invoviing arguments from one flow to another

Hi Avinash,

You can place 1st, 2nd and 3rd workflow in the Init state of ReFramework.
4th on Get transaction state.
5th on the Process xaml.

Just make sure that the arguments are passed correctly.


first I will create 3workflow and invoke them in init state, right?

4th - you can just pass the queue name in Get transaction state.

Hi @sariga.mani

Place Your 1,2,3 Workflows In the init state
4,5 Workflows in Process State

Get Transaction state will automatically pick the items by using “TransactionItem”


  1. State of 1st Workflow:
    Set the in_Config argument to include the Outlook email and Excel attachment details.
  2. State of 2nd Workflow:
    Get the email and Excel attachment details from in_Config.
  3. State of 3rd Workflow:
    Set the in_TransactionData argument to the data read from the Excel file in the 2nd Workflow.
  4. State of 4th Workflow:
    Get the transaction data from in_TransactionData.
  5. State of 5th Workflow:
    Use the transaction item received from 4th Workflow.

This approach sets up the necessary data flow between the workflows by utilizing the in_Config and in_TransactionData arguments in the ReFramework.