Using multiple ? wildcards in id selector does not work for SAP

Using UiPath Studio 20.10.3 with SAP GUI 7.60, recently, when moving from one SAP environment to another (test to QA), I discovered, the hard way, that the selector IDs for my integrated UI controls, unfortunately, are not quite the same.

I found that in most cases, I just need to replace 1-2 characters, which works for the first case, using “?”, but not for multiple placeholders (re-wired, checked difference, validated in edit selector dialog).

E.g. in a selector like:


I cannot get this to work (but using a single “?” and hard-wiring the other finds the element!)


I suppose it’s a UiPath Studio bug, or is there anything I missed?

HI @GregorRosenauer

Can you show me the SAP WinGUI screenshot and UiPath Selector screenshot? Use UiExplorer

This will help a lot to understand your challanges

Thanks, Lev

sorry I didn’t catch the notification so I missed your reply, @LevKushnir
I can do the screenshots only end of week, since our environment is currently being upgraded, but I was hoping my error description above would shed enough detail on the matter?

@GregorRosenauer I am doing SAP automation for the last 10 years and the description above is not enough. The issue may have thousands reasons.

I have my first idea, but want to see the screenshots to be able to see it also in my system

Best regards, Lev

this is great but also sad to hear @LevKushnir ;=) in any case, thanks for quickly getting back to me.
I’ve now managed to capture screenshots of a simple screen capture with 1 wildcard (OK case) and two wildcards (fails), please find them attached:

and the 1-up case, replacing another single char with a wildcard “?”:

I need this to work in a flexible but stable way, so only replacing these 2 characters, else the integration breaks when moving to another environment.

HI @GregorRosenauer

Try this solution, replace / with ? exactly in the place as I am showing on the screenshot


Please provide me also with the transaction and SAP screen, SAP element (screenshot), that I can reproduce it.

Best regards, Lev