Is Uipath Wildcard (*) is also work for (/)

Hi folks,

try to use (*) for replacing (/) in selector but this was not validating that

I try (?) as well but no result.

Is the wild card not able to skip (/) in Uipath.

Hi @Himanshu.joshi

can you please share selector.

Vijay Kumar C.


it’s a SAP selector with

Sap id=Abc/Bcd
i just want to make the Bcd part as dynamic with (/) also include on it

in this case it should definitely work.

Apart from id are you not able to retrieve any other standard property like aaname.

Are you accessing SAP directly or through browser?

hi @Himanshu.joshi

Having your selector like Sap id=Abc* should work. However, try to find a better selector for this like aaname for example as @Vijay_Kumar_C mentioned. It is much more stable than an ID field

no only id is the selector which we get

I try this.

But the selector is not validating after doing this

What action you are trying to perform. ID you can’t use it because it will change from session to session and you can’t make it generic one. after getting Error try to repair selector.

SapID is the only thing which we find in the control

did you try using this way Sap id= Abc?*


I try the result is same