Edit Ui selector for SAP window with dynamic customer number in title

Hello everybody,

I want to automate a process, which executes the same tasks for different orders. That means, I have to leave the transaction of one order and enter it again to execute these tasks for the next order.

I used the native citrix recorder in order to record actions in different SAP windows. Now I face the problem, that Uipath just recognizes the exact SAP window (for the first order) that I recorded.
I think the problem is the title of the window, as it contains the current order number, such as “Order XY 12345 change: overview”. Thus, the window is not recognized if I execute the process with a different order number.

Does anybody know if and how I can edit the window title in the selector to use a dynamic variable for the order number or how I could solve this problem?

The selector looks like this:

Thank you!

HI @silvia93

Please take a look on this documentation

Best regards, Lev

Great, thank you!

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