Using flowchart inside for each row

Can I use a flowchart inside for each row activity so I do not need to place a new for each activity for every single sequence and loop through the if conditions for the data in excel or is there a way to make it more organised and readable?

@Vivian_Thian yes you can make flow chart inside loop as well. Its totally depend on your requirement.

can I use a nested if?

@Vivian_Thian flow chart is good option whem you have conditional process amd you don’t want to use if else in sequence then use flow chart

can I use a flow decision and link another flow decision if condition met in the first flow decision?

@Vivian_Thian yes you can use nested if in your module. I used a sequence where switch was not possible because conditions were expanding like tree so i used nested if to handle this type of issue.

any example on this?

@Vivian_Thian yes you can connect one flow chart to another flow chart in 3rd on the base of condition by calling invoke workflow where you will pass arguments same as you pass in sequence.

I do not need to invoke workfile if I only passing from different sequences in the same flowchart right?

@Vivian_Thian when you make a separate xml file you would have need to invoke it through invoke code activity.

Currently I have no specific example for nested if.

@Vivian_Thian any question ? And if you are satisfy then please mark it as solution and close this thread.


All of this can be done …

But what you need to think is the readability of the code and how well the code can be organized so that anyone else who looks at it ahould understand and be in aposition to modify any future changes that may come up

Using a nested is if is generally not recommended because it is faily complex to go through a long if else nests

Also having a flow chart in for loop is a good idea…but again as your statement says instead of another for loop…that concerns me…flowcharts are good for descision level flows…like if you have so many descisions then instead of if we tend to seitch to flow chart…

Hope this helps


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