For Each Row Loop is not wokring

I have this big loop which has many if statments and other invokes with many if inside…
And all this is build as a sequence…

Now i tried to make it as a flowchart so that i can easy deburg and add try catch… or more easy read able…

its not working. its reading all the ID one by one and not going into first if else statement. can any one tell why?
If i upload project can someone help?

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can someone help me?

Hi @Latif,

what is the exact error, and if you have multiple decision to be made, try to fit logic using switch activity

Thank You
Shubham Pratap

Can you answer one question.
Imagen… you have a Sequence and in that you have “For each row” activity and inside that for each row acitivy you have 2 or 4 if statements… (first if statement have condition 1=2 and so one)
Is it true… that we can not use Flow decision (which divide into YES/NO) out side of sequence which follows the way after reciving the answer form if statement which is inside of For each row?