Using Excel Activities Pack in Orchestration Process

Hello There
Im trying to use excel activities pack in my project which its type is Orchestration but it fails with the below error any help ?
System exception.Failed opening the Excel file <Excel_Path> . Possible reasons: the file is corrupt, the file is already used by another process or you don’t have permissions to open the file. at Source: Excel

I tried to use the workbook activities pack it worked but it is very slow with unaccepted processing time. and I cannot change my project type as I will use the action center


Try to include Kill Process to stop excel process at the start of workflow or before Read range activity, As workbook activities doesn’t support excel.exe run in background.

Hope this may help you.

The issue was that Microsoft Excel doesn’t operate in session 0 while the Orchestration process from UiPath run in session 0.
So, The solution I made is to divide the project into two parts, the first one will run in session 0 and handle the data through queue to the second part which run in session 1

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