Use Excel activity not reading the excel data

Hi All,

I have an excel plugin. Once i open one of the menu in the custom plugin it populates data.
My usecase here is to modify the data and ‘save’ using another menu in the plugin.

I am trying to get the data from excel using ‘Use Excel activity’.Why i am using ‘Use Excel’ instead of workbook activity is because excel has to be open all the time.Issue here is while execution, once the control hits ‘Use Excel’ activity it stays there and no further action happening.It is on the running mode forever. In the same workbook if i create any new sheet and if i try to access the same then it is working. Also I am not facing any issue if i use workbook activity. Appreciate your help on this.

Hi @raja.raviraj

you to add the read range activity as well, pass the local variable with the sheet you want to read

Using the above expression it will return the entire sheet, if you want a custom range just append the Range method like this



For now, can you try to use ExcelProcessScope instead of SingleExcelProcessScope, then set Applcation at Launch method? (Automation mode might be caused problem as the following)


This worked!!!

I just specified the Range and it started working.Thanks a lot.

thanks for the reply…Even in ‘Excel Process scope’ i received the same error

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