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In my process, I have an excel file open on the screen and then I am adding some additional activities using the “Excel Application Scope”. Since the file is already open, half of the activities are happening on duplicate file at a different location(which is the issue) and the remaining half are occurring on the open excel file. Can anyone tell me, what can be the issue behind this ?

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Use the “Workbook” and “ExistingWorkbook” properties in Excel Application Scope to control the excel session.

Excel Application Scope

I read that but I am not able to figure out a solution, if you don’t mind can you share some more details.

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–Kindly check once whether the file path in the excel application scope and the file path of the excel in your system are same…if they are same this issue will never happen buddy
–and i hope we are missing that only…and make sure that we use read range or write range activity under excel activities and not from workbook activities, while using them in excel application scope

If possible kindly share the xaml buddy

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The path is same for both the files but still I am getting this issue, and I want the file to work on the opened excel as I have two many click images in this script.The script was running fine for last few days but I don’t know what caused this issue.

i didnt get this buddy, why click images is used in excel application
what is the scenario behind
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I had to do a lot of column formatting and copying and pasting formula’s of dynamic ranges and for that I used images to click on functions like to select entire column.