Using data type Nullable correctly

Dear colleagues,
I have a variable whose value can be a decimal value, 0, or it can be empty.
Which data type am I supposed to use?
“Nullable” renders conversion errors, see the picture.

Hello @mangogul,

You can use the double value for the Nullable as below.

Sample File : (2.1 KB)


Hi Balamurugan,

many thanks! Unfortunately, I run into another issue when I try to add a corresponding column in my DT, see the picture.

Do you have a solution for this one, too?

Thanks in advance

Ranking_beiidentischenWerten.xaml (17.2 KB)

Hi @mangogul,

Below I have shown you to allow null in the double datatype of column.

The green arrow shows that you are allowing the null to the column.

You can verify the value like below.

Sample : (2.9 KB)


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Hi Balamurugan,

thanks for your inexhaustible patience! – Nor for the next issue:

I have a try/catch sequence in which I want to assign “Nothing” if the workflow can’t scrape a data item. How do I assign it to the data table?

I get the following message: (11.2 KB)

I can answer myself (to whom it may concern): The solution isn’t “vNullable = Nothing” but rather “vNullable = Dbnull.Value”