Inserting blank value to a sql table decimal field

Good day All,

Have been trying for quite some time to insert a null value or a blank value into a sql query and the field is Decimal in the database as well as in my process.

i have gone through the forums and tried different things but still cannot get it right, i have tried system.dbnull.value as well as creating a nullable field and also inserting NULL directly.

i am using this if statement if(row.Item(3).ToString="",0,convert.ToDecimal(row.Item(3))) for now if a blank is found then i insert a 0, but this 0 is affecting reporting so i need to set it to NULL if a blank is found or send through the blank.

the database field allows for NULL as well.

please help.

UiPath uses VB natively, in my experience I’ve had issues setting values to NULL and instead have had to begin using Nothing when working in a VB Workflow. Try setting the value to Nothing??

Thanks Mike i will give it a try…