Using activities inside a frame element

Hi guys,

I am trying to automate an application which has frames in it. When I used a type into activity and tried indicating a field, the whole frame is getting selected instead of that specific element. Any workaround for this?

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can u share the screenshot of it

Sorry i am unable to share as it is in client system

Is it a web application. Try to inspect it in chrome, and try to identify element of frame that you don’t need, and using Java script Injection activity switch that frame off. Now you can proceed with what you want to do with remaining part of web page.

Just try and let me know the results.


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Yes, it is a web application and will work only in IE. Following is the element of the frame:
Can you let me know how to switch this frame off? I am completely new to this concept

hi @Santa_Krish,

Is it a Java Based web application, If yes Then you would have to install the Java Plugin in IE .

More details :

Best way would be to open UI Explorer and Try to Click on the Browser , If Java is required, it will ask for installation.


Hi Mukesh,

Actually it didnt ask to install java plugin when i tried selecting the element. I also tried after installing the java plugin though but no results.