Using ABBYY Flexicapture in a browser

Would there be any way to use Flexicapture without having to install it? And simply using a on-the-cloud version? Where could I get more information about that?


@martalopes Try “Abbyy Cloud OCR” Activity
And refer Link “How to get Microsoft or Abby OCR? - #6 by amitbhatt55

And this is the only option at the moment?

Thank you!

No you can use “Google Cloud Vision OCR” & “Google OCR”

Sure, but I was referring to a Flexicapture platform

What is your exact requirement ? can please share in more details what you need exactly? what are to do in workflow?

I just wanted to know if there was any way to have Flexicapture as a Platform on the browser instead of an installed software. Not necessarily connected to UiPath. I don’t have any more details to give, for now.

@martalopes Yes, you can use any online or cloud base OCR engine for the browser based Flexicaputer.