Using ABBYY Flexicapture in a browser

Would there be any way to use Flexicapture without having to install it? And simply using a on-the-cloud version? Where could I get more information about that?


@martalopes Try “Abbyy Cloud OCR” Activity
And refer Link “How to get Microsoft or Abby OCR?

And this is the only option at the moment?

Thank you!

No you can use “Google Cloud Vision OCR” & “Google OCR”

Sure, but I was referring to a Flexicapture platform

What is your exact requirement ? can please share in more details what you need exactly? what are to do in workflow?

I just wanted to know if there was any way to have Flexicapture as a Platform on the browser instead of an installed software. Not necessarily connected to UiPath. I don’t have any more details to give, for now.

@martalopes Yes, you can use any online or cloud base OCR engine for the browser based Flexicaputer.