User Role Management - start process


I’m building APPS for some users. In some of those APPS, a button starts a robot (I need it to start a robot and not put something in a Queue since I want to show the out arguments in the APP).

For me it worked fine, but then when the users started using it, no robots where started. Reason: the role they have (APPS user role) does not give them rights to start jobs on Orchestrator.
So I need to give it to them.

BUT, by giving them this right, they are now allowed to start robots from Orchestrator! which we do not want.

Could you seperate that? If a developer adds a start process in an APP, it should be allowed to start for every user having access to the app.

Hi @yrobert,

Just knowing what you are trying to achieve from the details you have shared, you could do the following:

  1. make the app public app
  2. the button that starts a robot, make sure this is a unattended process.

this way you dont need to give them any additional access, and they will be able to only use the apps which has been share with them


We use Automation Suite. based on documentation and what I see on the APP Studio, there is no public app.

and then, the App displays sensitive data. We need strict access control on it (based on groups from Azure Active Directory)

We are using unattended Process.