Allowing certain processes only to view and Run

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Is there any way we can enable certain processes only to be able to view and run for certain users.
Basically if I’ve 6 processes are deployed in the orchestrator I want to set permissions for individual users. If a particular user logs in they can only view and run a couple of processes and other 4 processes shouldn’t be visible. Is there any way to do that.


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So far we can work with the user roles and restrict if a user can see the jobs, process, schedules, queues page. But if a user has access to the jobs page in orchestrator then he automatically can run all process

And I believe we don’t have that option to stop the user to run other process

But I believe it will be added as a feature

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You need to create different folders for each process and assign users to it.

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Thanks @Palaniyappan . If not for certain processes can we restrict the users based on environment like a User can see only processes which are published for UAT and not production. As I don’t want to create folders for each processes.

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Usually there are two level of permissions that can be granted
Folder and tenant level are the two types
For your scenario
You can try with Folder level permission and it restricts the following

Check this out for more in details

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Hi @Yeswanth_Ganjam,

How is your environment classified currently?

Do you have separate tenants for dev, UAT?

As for UAT and production, you would definitely have separate orchestrators so yes you can control users access via creating roles and accordingly assigning them to folder.

Like a user can be a folder administrator or folder developer in UAT but in production you can have different role assigned to that user(the one wherein access to jobs/process are disabled).


Hi @Yeswanth_Ganjam

Do we have any further queries on this topic


Thanks @Palaniyappan , I’ve created a separate folder for UAT processes and allowing users to access that folder only. As we don’t have separate orchestrators for Prod and UAT. Folder creation can resolve up to certain extent. Thanks for asking :slight_smile:

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Glad I could help :smiley:

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