'Process could not be started' error (Public App Permissions and Roles)

Hi everyone!

When I start a process from app I get the following error:
Process could not be started. Please check the configuration for this process in orchestrator or contact your admin.

I have 2 tenants (test and prod). Starting a job works on test tenant, however it won’t work on prod tenant.

Maybe there are some accesses missing? If so, which accesses should be granted to make this work?

Thank you!

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While linking the orchestrator folder in apps check whether right folder is tagged and right process is tagged

And when choosing the list from left side make sure the robot assistant is also connected to that same URL

Process permissions are managed in Orchestrator. If you don’t see a process in Apps Studio, make sure you have the right permissions for that process from Orchestrator.

Cheers @Marta

I’m sure I’m tagging the correct folder and robot assistant is connected to that same URL - processes started directly from Orchestrator run without any issues.
I also see a process in Apps Studio.

Then check for the process permission


Which specific accesses should I have granted?

To access the process from that folder whether you have roles and permission is what we need to check


I see the process in the Processes pane, can start a job manually, upgrade its version, create trigger. Anything more?

Then is it something with the environment and robot tagged to that process
Can we check that once


Hi @Marta

Were you able to resolve this issue?

Hi @DanRagh

Yes, I did.

As I recall, in my case the issue was that I connected process from the wrong folder. I needed to reconnect to the process that is used within the folder, that robot with license is assigned to.


Is there any other specific configurations you had to do in orchestrator so that the App can Published as a Public app?

As far as I know, I have connected the processes correctly. The App is working fine when it is published as a private app.

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I am also facing Same issue. When i try to run as public app . It is giving the error “Process could not be started. Please check the configuration for this process in orchestrator or contact your admin.” . But if it run as private app its working fine. If you have any resolution for this please revert. @DanRagh

Hey folks! Be sure that you’ve granted Tenant level Webhooks: Read, Create to the Public App in Orchestrator.


Hi @Niranjan_Mahtole ,

I could not find the exact solution. But did some research and found out that you need to add the app as an external app. and grant permission at tenant and Folder level.

Hi @evan.cohen

I did do that for some reason, that did not work too. Kindly advise if there is any configuration I’m missing.


Hi Evan, could you show us how to do this exactly? :slight_smile:

@jjes ,

you can do here.

you can select all the event either you can select the individuat event to do from below screen.


@Arvind_Kumar1 I’m not sure we’re talking about the same thing here?
@evan.cohen ?

To simplify management I created two roles. One that I assigned at the Tenant level:

And another for the folder level:

Then I made sure to assign the role for the Public App for the folder where my unattended automation was published:

What that looks like on the actual assignment screen:

You can validate that you’ve assigned these roles properly by checking the roles for your app under ‘Manage Access’ in Orchestrator:

pro-tip: when searching for the app when doing assignment type “UiPath-App” for it to filter correctly (this dash is important)


Worked like a charm, thanks a lot!

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