User guide on how to create custom activities package?



Are there any user guide on how to create your own custom activities package for UiPath?
Like just creating “Hello World” function or something like that. I want to create package, but not sure where to start.





When I started to developing custom activities I got through those links:

Hope It helps you as helped me!



Thanks. I will check them out :slight_smile:


One additional note - designer is not mandatory for code activities. It helps, but for starters might be easier to go without.


Isn’t there something missing? The nuget package builder expects a .dll, but all the WF4 guides compile to .exe.


Try going to Project Properties > Output Type : “Class Library”.


Here it is a link that explains how to create a custom activity:




Can you please help me with debugging a class library built in for custom activity in VS itself before i deploy it?
I have set up a console app project to run the same, however struggling to pass CodeActivityContext context to the execute method in runner project.


I tried the same method to expose uipath project as activity.its not displaying in activities. can you tell me the steps for exposing uipath project as activity. do i need to expose it as a webservice or change it as a dll in visual studio



Do you still need help with this?



I am able to create custom activity out of a .net dll and use in UIPath project.
My ask was to expose a UIPath project itself as an activity. THis is to consume a reusable project in another project. I understand we have approach to expose UIpath project as webservice and consume. But I am looking for alternate ways