Create custom User Interface



Hay all,

I need to create a custom activity(user interface) using .net and use it in UiPath. It 's working in a simple activity (multiply two numbers , popup a message box etc) .Now I need to create a dialog box(Like input dialog) with two text boxes . What is the best way to create a UI based custom activity? Please anyone suggest the answer.

Thank you in Advance.


See this -


This may help.


Hay Thank you for your response. I have created a custom work flow. But It doesn’t include inside Ui path package.Is any way to add custom workflow in UiPath ( Custom activities working fine)


See this -


Hay ,

  1. I have created a work flow as per below link

  2. Created nuget package based on the link you have shared with me

  3. But it doesn’t listed in the activities panel

Can you please check and correct me., Thank you so much