Use/open SAP Application

Hello everyone,

last week I´ve started automating a little project from UI Path and SAP. When I testet it, it worked out. But then I closed SAP and opend it again manually and then it didn´t workend out anymore.

In my case UI Path should not open SAP. This I will do. UI Path should acces to SAP when I opened everything. How can I tell UI Path, that it should access with SAP? I have the same problem, when switching the monitors. If I shift SAP to the other monitor UI path won´t recognise SAP anymore and it won´t work out.

Can somebody tell me, what to do about it?
This would be very nice.


Hi @Karoweiss

Please share some screenshots, that I can get better understanding

  1. screenshot from Studio
  2. screenshot from SAP
  3. screenshot from UIExplorer

Best regards, Lev

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I am very sorry, but I can´t do this for compliance reasons.
But still thank you.



What i understood is, code is working fine when bot is doing end to end run but failed when you login manually to SAP and you want bot to run from there.
If this is the case then try to validate selectors after manual login and it should have proper element exist so that when bot finds the screen it start performing it’s task.