Use of the Recorder for SAP automation


I would like to use the recorder for automating an inquiry in SAP in order to learn how to capture the different types of controls in SAP. The recorder I see ‘App/Web Recorder’ doesn’t look like the ‘Recorder’ in the tutorials I find. The issue is that I don’t find the way to use the ‘basic recording’ with the actions (click, text, element, …). I’m very much new in UiPath and I’m trying to build an example in the scope of a potential RPA project …

Thanks for the help !

Hi ,

Seems like you’re using the modern design that’s why u cannot find the tools you need,

You can turn off the Modern Design experience by following these steps
see the highlighted yellow

1.go to settings
2.go to general
3.toggle off modern design experience


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Problem solved ! Do I have to change this for each single project ?

Thank you so much !!!

yess you might need to do that

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Ok, thank you very much !

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