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I am having an hard time in understanding the use of the activity ‘Copy Selected Text’. I thought it would copy the text data that would have been selected in the screen which would then be taken as a string to a variable as output. But it doesn’t seems to be working in that way. Need suggestions.

Just FYI, I am selecting the text of command prompt and i want it to be copied as an output.

Rammohan B.


@Rammohan91, Attaching a sample for you,

Scrape Cmd.xaml (7.0 KB)

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Hey @Dominic, Thanks for the reply.

That’s exactly the way i was trying to use ‘Copy Selected Text’ activity. As from your attached workflow, sending ‘ctrl+a’ hotkey was not selecting the text under the command prompt. However i figured out another way to select by sending ‘alt+space’, ‘e’ & ‘s’ as hotkey.

Coming back to copy the selected text using ‘Copy Selected Text’ activity, below error is thrown,

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Rammohan B.


@Rammohan91, Sorry that it doesn’t work. From my end I have tested and working as expected. Getting the output in message box as well.

Just to know it, did u make any changes in the code?

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Strange. Initially i didn’t made any change in the workflow which you send, but the activity send hotkey with ‘ctrl+a’ is actually being typed in the command prompt instead of performing select all.

As i said since it was failing, i replaced that activity with few send hotkey activities which sends ‘Alt+Space’, ‘e’ & ‘s’ & ‘enter’ so that it actually selects all the contents from the command prompt. Till here everything looks working fine.

After that i added a ‘Copy selected text’ activity to copy the content that has been selected in the command prompt and that’s where i am getting that error which i attached in the previous reply. Attached my workflow as well just in case it helps.
Main.xaml (14.7 KB)

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Rammohan B.



This is fine.

Its not required. As the process of copying the selected text will be done by Copy Selected Text activity. So u can disable the activity and run once again.


Also make sure that when you use CTRL+a in send hot key, set the following properties, [Tested &Working]

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I am having the same issue, I put everything as you do but I get that error :frowning:


Hi again

I found a solution using get from clipboard instead of copy selected text. So I first do shift+end, then ctrl+c and finally get from clipboard (I get a variable :slight_smile: )


That’s exactly what i did. :slight_smile:

Rammohan B.


Its not working for me
but same is working for my collegue


I was using this activity in Excel with select range activity and works correctly.