Use multiple dates to identify non-unique string to click

I have an population in excel that has added date, effective date, change date, and the type of change. Is it possible to use the 3 dates to select the correct change type UI element? My problem is the UI can have the same combination of dates but different change type or the same change type but different dates.

For example, i would need to click the Renewal on the third line with the correct dates.

| Date 1 | Date 2 | Date 3 | Change Type |
| 1/1/21 | 1/1/21 | 2/1/21 | Renewal     |
| 1/1/21 | 2/1/21 | 3/1/21 | Cancel      |
| 1/1/21 | 2/1/21 | 3/1/21 | Renewal     |
| 1/1/21 | 2/1/21 | 3/1/21 | New         |

Hi @jdlee ,

We can do it using dynamic selectors for your applications to interact with the data in your excel row. so, you need to created four different variables to store Date1/Date2/Date3/Change Type and set there values as per excel row which you want to make a click. Pass these variables to respective selectors and make a click

Sorry for the late reply, to add some additional context, the date 1, date 2, date 3 are not clickable, they are only there to identify the correct change type. The yellow highlight below is the “Policy Change” status that i want to click based on the three dates.


I found a method that works. Probably not the most efficient way to go about it though.

  1. extract table
  2. add row index in a new column
  3. filter by the first three dates
  4. get the row index for the filtered table
  5. click the type with the corresponding tableRow variable

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