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I have web application data is in tabular form.
my task is i have to download the file based on date.
my workflow is working fine if date present once.
If date present more than once my workflow gets failed.

I want to download the file if same date repeats. kindly help me with this

hi @vaish,

So you have a Flow coded for a Webpage - where if date is present once - The bot works perfectly But if we have 2 or more Dates - The Bot Fails - Expectation here is Bot Should work for all the Dates present.

  1. When we have 2 or more dates - Take UiExplorer and See the selectors for all 3 Dates . look for the Tag in the selector that differentiate the 3. a TD or TR Row may be.

  2. Create a Dymanic Selector and then try to click on Dates.

How do we verify how many dates are there ?

we Can read the entire Data using DataScraping If possible and take the DataTable Count and create 3 dynamic selectors.



yeah i did data scrapping…
as you suggested i did dynamic selector for clicking download button and with the help of counter its working fine.
thanks for your help

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