Use Excel to Paste Individual Cell Contents Run Activities and Loop


Been having a hard time figuring out the For Each Row activity. I’ve gone through that section of the academy and tried looking at the help guide online. I am very new so if you do help me out, please go step by step. I think I’m getting lost in the properties but using the correct activities.

Anyways, I have an excel file with multiple columns of data. I need to take the first column (“invoice number”) and row by row copy and paste the individual cell’s data into an external application. From there I need to run an if than statements to make sure that the excel file matches the programs data (for instance I want to read column “Phone 1” and make sure the excel file matches the program’s and if not, for it to rewrite the data).

Right now I have ExcelApplicationScope -> Read Range (which range is left as “” and SheetName is “Sheet1” matches names so no issues so far) output is MasterDt -> FilterDataTable (where I have it reference “case open” and if it equals “no” I have it remove under Rows Filtering Mode) output is ActiveDt -> BuildDataTable (I made sure it included the extra fields I wanted and organized to make sure headers were in order I wanted) output is again ActiveDt -> ForEachRow under ForEach I made it “item” in ActiveDt but this is where I get lost and cant seem to find a way for it to run.

Any help is appreciated!


Instead of this, as you have a data table, give the type into activity as

row(“column name”).tostring @heblightning. So that it will take the value from each row and print it in the required area.
If you have any error, post the screenshot that will help in understanding the issue

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Please check if the datatable you are giving to for each row has data @heblightning?

The error states the data you are passing is null