Use Click Activit yand select specific row in a Table


I have an element which I need to click on with the Click-Activity.

It is a data table with many columns and rows.

I need to click on

Name= Max/123 ( Value is stored in a variable as a string)

Status= activ


Like this

How do I do that?

Can I use more than one dynamic variable in the selector and combine that or are there are other ways?

Thank you very much


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Try to get the selector for whole row first and the inner text might contain all details…so append and create a dynamic selector


Hello Peter,
thank you for the link.
But its all about just one selector. How do i combine more than one? I need to select the correct row which consists of three single rows
Thank you

you can define more then one dynamic parts within a selector

Thank you.
If i am using the selector it only lets me select one row and not the whole row.
How can i select the entire row?


Hover the mouse over it…and you will have a selector for group of cells as well.


Hi sorry.
if i hover over it, it only lets me select one row at a time.

There is no selector for a group. Maybe because its a data table?


You want to select one row or multiple rows?

Can you show it please


i am trying to select one specific row which consists of 3 rows.
See the marked row.

But with the selector i can only select on row at the time . e.g. the first row “Name” = Max/123.
But i need to select the complete row where Name=“Max/123” and Status=“activ” and Firm =“3”.

Does this help?
Thank you


Just to correct name is a column not row…

And now you want to select on a web element I believe…for that…you can select…first you need to get the correct selector for which you need to click indicate and hover mouse on the edge of the cells …ao that the selector will highlight whole row instead of only one cell


Hi @n.voigt ,

Could you provide us with a Screenshot of the 3rd row (Any Column) element using UiExplorer. Do send us the screenshot of the whole UiExplorer window.

Also, Check if you are able to extract the table using Table Extraction/Data Scraping feature. If we cannot find a way to use the dynamic selector values of Name, Status and Firm, then we should be able to use the tableRow and tableColumn attributes of the element.

We could find the row number of the matching data using the Table extracted as a datatable. Then use this row number in the Element selector to identify the row for the Click Activity.

Let us know once you are able to Extract the table as a Datatable and if you need further help from there.

Hi @n.voigt,
As i understood from above conversation you need to click one each row in above table and as @ppr , @Anil_G and @supermanPunch mentioned you need to use dynamic selectors and as long as Name already stored in variable as you mentioned so simply you can make extract table into DT and with right selector you can add it into For Each Datatable you will click on each row till all data table completed. hope this help you please check and update us if still you face issue.

thank you very much.
I sorted it out with the following way ( The Selectors didn’t work)
1.) I extracted the data into a data table
2.) I added a row index to each row in the data table
3.) I filtered the dataTable to find the row i needed
4.) in the click activity i used a variable to identify the correct TableRow with the index

Thank you very much for your support.

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