Getting a Click Activity to simultaneously iterate with displayed information:

Good day, everyone!

Relatively new to UiPath, so I’m still playing around, but I was hoping for help on my current problem.

I’ve been trying to read sample data from an excel document into a datatable activity. This works.
Next, I’ve used the for each row in the datatable activity to be able to assign this sample data to various variables to be presented as output in various allocated components of my web application. This works.

My current problem, is that now I’m trying to edit those same output components using a click activity (there is an edit button alongside each presented output). Unfortunately, although this works for the first record, it cycles back to the first record from the second iteration, again editing the first record in the second iteration, again with the third iteration and the fourth, and so on and so forth.

Any advice on how to get the click activity to iteratively cycle simultaneously along with the output being displayed in their respective components, would be greatly appreciated!


you need to make the selector of click activity dynamic

can you share the screenshot of your click activity selector

I believe thats how you do it?

Hi @rub_ster ,

I believe the tableRow attribute needs to be made dynamic by introducing an incremental variable :

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