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This should be really simple, but I cant seem to figure it out.

I set the row item of my extracted data table as “RowName” variable. What should the selector be for it to go one by one and select each row? It’s saying the selector is wrong.

The table is extracted from google chrome.


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Hey @neeta.joji

I don’t think you are getting selector from row(1).ToString which you are passing to the selector prop of click activity.

Instead you need to just identify the selector for a row and pick a property with which you can identify the row index like idx or rownumber

Then the above can be passed dynamically.


@neeta.joji Just passing datatable row value to the click activity doesn’t work

First click on the 4 sleeping lines of click activity and choose indicate element. Now, indicate on the element you have to perform action in the application . Click below link for the selectors

Now, you have to pass the each row datatable value to the selector to click on the specific element. Please find below link for passing values to the selectors

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It would be better to use Find Children to get an array of all the UI Elements, then pass them to the Click activity. See this post…

Thank you, I appreciate it!

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