Use cases for Find Text Position activity?

What are some example use cases for the Find Text Position activity?


Normally, to find a use of an activity you should check it’s return parameter:

In this case, it returns a UiElement which can then be used as further reference for other activities.


Use Case - Find Text position activity is used to find the text in the indicated screen and returns a UI element, this activity when used alone doesn’t serve any purpose as it returns an UI element but when used with Click Activity, you can pass the above UI element from Find Text position in Element property.

So combined these 2 activities Find Text position + Click serves the purpose of finding a given text in the indicated scope and clicks it.

Suppose you have a string in Notepad as

Use Find text position and indicate on screen the text area of notepad and use “Kumar” as text in Find text position activity.
Use click activity and pass the UIelement in Element property.

Refer the below workflow for reference.

get recent file (6).xaml (9.0 KB)

And the text in Notepad looks like below


ok that is a great answer so far
but the project m working on the text is not actually visible on screen it will appear if i scroll up for example in a messenger chat the text of which UIelement i want is somewhere in the chat and i dont know after 1 2 3 4 5 or how many scroll up it will appear
so how do we find that text position and make the bot to click it