Find text position activity error

My task is to find the text on the page in the web browser (the text is dynamic), and with the Anchor activityextract the string. I try to implement this through Find text position activity, but get constantly the same error (“the method or operation is not implemented” (apparently this activity is not looking for text in the browser)). Please help, is it possible to implement string search with other activities (string changes dynamically)?

Site example:
True, there is no dynamic text in the titles, but the location of the text is the same.

Solved problem by using the Find Element activity, with the rowName of the selector, with option " Continue on error" for each activity Find Element. Thus, the necessary information is extracted from the site, regardless of the location of the row.
Did it in Anchor Context Aware activity (Find Element - Get text). Work fine.
The necessary information is extracted from 10 of 10 sites.
Maybe there is an easier solution to this problem…

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