"Use Application/Browser" no longer lets you use invoked workflows

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe I can no longer use invoked workflows when inside a “Use Application/Browser” Activity because the “attach window” and “attach browser” no longer exists. Further, when I try to reuse the “Use Application/Browser” Activity inside the invoked workflow in place of the “attach window” activity and disable “always open browser”, the workflow doesn’t work any longer. Any advice here?

why do you think that ‘attach browser’ no longer exists ?
Which version are you using ?
On Community version and also on Enterprise 2021.4.5 this activity is also available.
Check if you don’t have marked option ‘Use modern for new projects’.
When I had enable this option - activities like attach browser/app has been not available:

But if you mark "show classic’ here they will be available again :slight_smile:


We can use Use Application/Browser activity with UiElement instead of Attach Browser. Can you try the following steps?

First, put Use Application/Browser activity and set uielemtn varable at Output Element

Next, create callee workflow with in-argument UiElement type. Put Use Application/Browser activity and set the argument at Input Element and set Never at Open property.

Finally, put Invoke workflow file in caller workflow, and set argument as the following.

Hope this helps you.