Use application/browser for saving PDF in Adobe and close


I have a scenario where I need to view a pdf in adobe(when I click a button in website,it downloads the PDF and views in Adobe ), save this PDF and close Adobe. Then I have to repeat the same for other documents.

To achieve this, I tried below steps

  1. Click a button in website and this opens a PDF in Adobe
  2. In new xaml file - I’m using Use Application/browser activity with options: close - never, open - never
  3. to save the PDF sending Ctrl+Shift+s using keyboard shortcuts Activity
  4. Used Type into activity to type the filename
  5. then sending keyboard shortcut enter

By following this process, process is not recognizing the type Into activity. So I placed the type into activity in new xaml file indicating adobe save as screen in Use application/browser activity with options: close - always, open - never. By doing so file is saving and the save as popup closes but not the adobe.

Any suggestions on how I can handle this scenario?

Thanks for the help in advance.


Can you send the screenshot of adobe you are trying to close? and selector you have used?

Hi @Pravin_Patil1

I was able to achieve what I’m trying if I create a new xaml and include type into activity for the file path and invoke this new xaml in the first xaml I created where I’m sending Ctrl+Shift+s.

But I’m not sure if this is the efficient way of handling.


Try type into activity without simulate property and check click before type property to true and empty field property to true…Just uncheck simulate…
Add 1 sec delay before type into…


I did try type into with out simulate

What I understood is that when I use “Use Application” Activity for Adobe, pass in the controls Ctrl+Shift+s so that save as pop up appears. Here when I use the type into activity to find the target UI element which is “File name”, when the activity is tested the type into looking at wrong position. This is because position of target element is considered from the Abobe screen not starting from Save as popup.

Hi @sunit30 !
To resolve your issue of wrong selector of type into:
first go to activities panel, and in filter check the following option:

Then in the activities, look for “Attach Window” activity, drag and drop it, then target the window “save as” that appears:

Then drag and drop type into and indicate filename field, then you obtain the following: