PDF keeps asking me if I want to save the original file and i do not!

I am getting the attached pop up box that asks me if I want to save the original pdf file before closing Adobe. I do not get this when I use “Save As” manually, i.e. I use Ctrl +Shift + S to invoke Save As manually, type the new file name, and click save and I do not get this box to pop up manually. When I automate, this pop up box occurs. Is there a way to avoid this or pause the automation to click “No” on the screen element? I will upload my automation screenshot next.




I have tried pausing 300 milliseconds after the “SAVE” type into but this does nothing.

or rather the SAVE hotkey button

can you share the xaml file that you use.

the problem is in the fill out pdf sequence after the IF staementemail from spreadsheet.xaml (27.8 KB)

When you get the pop-up, did you check whether the file got saved in the location you provided in the “Save as”?

I am using an v2018.2.3, so I am not having some activities that you have used.

it does not save the file. if i put a stop on error, would that allow me to insert a hotkey to click on “no”? I am only using community edition 2.0


This is the issue. Since it did not save, it is throwing the pop-up.
Try this:

Instead of hot keys, try to use click File --> click save as.
type into - filename (uncheck simulate type), then click save.
and then close.

I do not know how you figured that out but it works! Why does click work instead of hotkey?
Thank you very much!

Happy to help.

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