Ui Automation Freezing

Hello everyone.

I was working on a simple UI automation project using a browser. I started the process using “Open Browser”, then when I click on “Indicate Element on Screen” everything crashes but no messages or errors info shows up to me, the screen still just frozen and I can’t click or jump back to Studio. There’s one thing that I can do after this… I just can open the Control Panel and End Uipath process.

I don’t know what is happening, I can’t change the Studio version because of the strange rules of my company. So if someone helps me I’ll be very grateful! Thanks.

Currently, I’m using:
Studio 2020.4.4
.Net Framework Version 4.8

Hello @subblebooble ,

Did you had the chance to install the Uipath Browser Extension?


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Yes! and Studio was working well until yesterday.